Pig Starter Training

SPS offers a training program to properly start pigs at weaning.  This is a comprehensive program that provides a foundation for growers to properly start pigs and get the pigs off to the right  start at weaning, eliminating a lot of major pig management issues in the nursery phase as they transition from farrowing to off site nursery or a wean to finish facility.

  • Sanitation and set up
  • Feed budget set up and management of a feed budget
  • Feeder adjustments
  • Health protocol and management
  • Sorting and establishing proper pen mates
  • Treatments and sick pig identification
  • Record keeping and data analysis
  • Ventilation set up and ongoing management of all aspects of ventilation
  • Pulling down fall back pigs and management of the sick pens
  • Proper handling
  • Proper euthanization
  • Biosecurity