Wean To Finish Oversight

SPS offers a full management program, much like the sow farm oversight, covering the following areas of production and management:

  • Weekly visits with field report
  • Data entry and close out information
  • Cost tracking and reporting through QuickBooks® and spreadsheet of proprietary information
  • Health protocols and health management
  • Barn audits measuring upkeep and management of facility
  • Ventilation management and training
  • Production S.O.P. designed to insure barns and pigs are managed to support good production practices
  • Load out management
  • Marking market loads and meeting packer requirements on load management
  • Kill sheet analysis
  • Feed budgeting and budget management
  • Bi-annual grower training meeting discussing system hot topics of that period
  • Budgets per group and management of budget to actual
  • PQA + certification; individual and site
Wean To Finish